Quality Control

we are following below steps to maintain our product Quality:

  • PP Meeting
  • Fabric Inspection including lab reports
  • Trims and accessories inspection


  • Fabric Dye lot inspection
  • Shrinkage test
  • Shade check
  • Spreading check
  • Marker check
  • Pattern check
  • Cut panels check
  • Bundles Check

Quality Control & QA SeT UP

  1.  Setting quality standards of buyer’s requirements and guidance for each departments and processes
  2. Responsible for each aspect of quality control and product assembly
  3.  Development, Quality implement, communicates and maintains a quality plan to bring the Company’s Quality Assurance Systems and Policies into quality system requirements.
  4. Development and Production team to maintain product quality.
  5. Assisting technicians with checking patterns /specification and construction, identifying and and
    resolving production with proper time, and to make a final decision on quality according to
    customers standards and requirements.
  6. Supervise in the handling of sample evaluation and production approval by reviewing the measurement, workmanship, fitting, accessories, etc., and giving comments on production

  7. Ensuring all quality & production issue by Auditing & Controlling

  8. Auditing inward fabric and trims and ensuring only quality goods are accepted.

  9. Involvement in product development and sampling stage and take care of quality aspects of samples.

  10. Ensure that no faulty fabric is sent for cutting. If minor fault are present in the fabric, defects should
    be marked on the fabric and same thing must be communicated to cutting department.

  11. Preparing audit report of the fabric and trims quality.

  12. Conducting pre-production meeting before production start.

  13. To give size set sample approval

  14. Doing In-line inspection to check the quality

    print, embroidery

    (Placements & Sizes) , wash & as per required by the buyer.


    To keep all necessary documents and quality SOP 19. To provide approval such as